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Chinese-English idioms dictionary

A bilingual Chinese-English idioms dictionary is important for those who want to converse like a native-speaker. Some online idiom dictionaries – such as the one provided for free by Purple Panda

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Mandarin flashcards online

Historically, flash cards have been used in every-day situations to memorize certain things of importance. The Purple Panda applications take this idea much further.

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Some people learn a new language as a way to increase or maintain their mental agility. In fact, scientific studies show that learning a new language can improve cognition. However, today, most people find it difficult to find the time to sit down and begin learning a new language. Our busy lifestyles make it extremely difficult for us to even give such new and exciting things a proper chance. We quickly conclude that the activity will be too hard or we may become so busy that we will be forced to give up half way with no hope of ever getting back to it. Purple Panda has come up with a solution to this problem.

If you are learning Mandarin (Chinese), use Purple Panda’s amazing flashcard applications and innovative methods to make the learning interactive and interesting. Carefully crafted flashcard applications can make learning to read and write Chinese characters and speak Mandarin easier and more efficient. This is what Purple Panda offers.

How can interactive Chinese flashcards help me learn the Chinese language?

Once you begin the journey of learning Chinese, one of the first questions is: “How can I make my task of learning to read, write and speak Chinese easier and more efficient?” You need a tool that can respond to your individual needs. One of the hardest aspects of learning the Chinese language is the syntax or script of the language. Mandarin Chinese has a very different structure to the English language making it particularly challenging for English speakers to learn. Purple Panda provides interactive applications to help students at university and school, as well as those learners exploring the Chinese language on their own, to address these concerns. The applications adjust to the needs of a particular student and ensure they focus on the characters and multi-character compounds that they find most difficult to learn.

What are Chinese character flash cards?

Historically, flash cards have been used in every-day situations to memorize certain things of importance. The Purple Panda applications take this idea much further. They perform this traditional function, but they also incorporate sound files, stroke order animations and spaced repetition to make the process more interactive and efficient. The spaced repetition algorithm ensures the flashcards repeat themselves in a pattern that produces the most effective learning possible – a pattern which has been tested in various experiments and real life situations. Users of the flashcards rave about how they make learning Chinese more efficient and effective. The fact the Chinese flashcard applications are available for the iPhone & iPad (iOS devices) is an added bonus for people with busy life-styles to learn Mandarin on the go.

Where to find Mandarin flashcards online?

Purple Panda’s flash card applications can be purchased. The applications have been created to complement (rather than replace) classroom based curriculums. They allow students to practice in their own time exactly what has been taught in class. Purple Panda has created interactive flashcard applications to complement the following widely used textbooks and online texts:

    - New Practical Chinese Reader
    - Integrated Chinese
    - Short-term Spoken Chinese
    - Chinese HSk test Flashcards
    - Contemporary Chinese

Where can I find the best Chinese idioms dictionary?

In addition to offering top-notch Chinese flashcard applications, Purple Panda provides free access to a very comprehensive online bilingual dictionary of Chinese and English idioms. This is designed for beginners who are interested in the origins of some interesting Chinese expression, but also for advanced learners who really want to be able to communicate like a Chinese native speaker.

To all of you I say, “Let the learning begin”.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Ans: Established by Swinburne University, Purple Panda Global is an entity whose sole purpose is to commercialize the Chinese language learning softwares that have been developed by the University itself. This company has been developing advanced software tools that make learning of English and Chinese language extremely easy, so much so that these tools have been licensed by The University of Melbourne and Oxford University Press.

Ans: Firstly, our Chinese language learning tools are designed in such a way that your journey of learning Chinese as a second language can be made extremely easy, convenient and quick. Moreover, we make smart use of advanced technology to address the various challenges that one might face while learning either Chinese or English. One example of making use of technology is exploiting the full potential of iPhone to give learners an easy interface and impressive mobility to learn Chinese. The fact that our products are reasonably priced and are high in quality is another reason for buying them.

Ans: To view Chinese characters in your web browser, go to the View Menu of the browser and select Character Encoding or Encoding. Select UTF-8 after this. In case you can’t see the UTF-8 option, you will have to select the moresub-menus and then select UTF-8 from the list which is presented to you.

Ans: HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi and refers to China’s only standardized Mandarin Chinese proficiency test meant for foreign or non-native students. This test is also known as the ‘Chinese Proficiency test’ which is also often given by the ethnic minority groups of China. You can refer to for more information about HSK.

Ans: In some cases, the East Asian language files are not installed on the computer or on Windows 7 or Windows Vista. In such a case, you may not be able to view some of the Chinese characters. To view these characters, make sure that these files are activated. You can consult your manual for activation of these files or can refer to the following given steps: • Go to the Control Panel by tapping on the Start Menu. After this, you will have to tap on Control Panel button, which by default is on the new Category option. In this condition, click on Language, Date, Regional and Time Options which are in the Pick a Category list. If this is not the case then tap on Switch to Category View Regional and Language options symbol and then open the Language and Regional options box. • After this, you have to go to the Languages icon and then tick the box which says Download East Asian Languages in under Supplemental Language Support. Tap on Apply and then click on OK. • After this, the language folder will get installed. Then tap on Details. You will get the Text services and Input languages box. Click on Add.

Ans: Simply double tap on the character.

Ans: Make sure the volume on your iPhone or iPod is turned up, then tap the sound icon next to the character or compound to hear its pronunciation.

Ans: Estimates vary – but the consensus is around 4,000 – 5,000 characters and multi-character compounds.

Ans: One way to distinguish a non native speaker of a language from a native speaker is to see how the person uses idioms while speaking. Whether it is social gatherings, the news broadcast, radio shows, TV shows or small talks between colleagues-idioms are used everywhere, all the time.

Ans: Yes. The app can be fully customized with your content and branding. If you are a teacher and can commit to 30 or more students purchasing the app, then we will created the customized app for FREE.

Ans: We use a spaced repetition algorithm that ranks the characters and compounds according to how well you say you know the characters and compounds.

Ans: Simply deactivate all the other lessons by double tapping on the lesson icon until it turns light blue. Alternatively, go to the home screen and double tap each of the Level icons until they are all light blue, then go to the lessons you want to practice and double tap them to turn them dark blue.

Flashcard apps

The Purple Panda talking Chinese flashcards have been designed to complement the coursework provided by a number of the leading Chinese language textbooks. For example, the app called “Intelligent flashcards...

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