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Chinese-English idioms dictionary

A bilingual Chinese-English idioms dictionary is important for those who want to converse like a native-speaker. Some online idiom dictionaries – such as the one provided for free by Purple Panda

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Mandarin flashcards online

Historically, flash cards have been used in every-day situations to memorize certain things of importance. The Purple Panda applications take this idea much further.

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Mandarin Chinese Learning Now Made Easy Through These Apps!

Due to our busy lives and packed schedules, we often have to give up on things we most desire. Due to long working hours, some of us have to miss on getting a physical workout while others are not able to watch their favorite team play football matches. The same is true for all those who would love to learn a language, but due to a perceived lack of time they are not able to do so. However, with the popularity of mobile apps and online platforms, you can now learn Mandarin Chinese more effectively and efficiently.

The following are a few of these tools:

Chinese-English Idiom Dictionaries

One of the ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, which happens to be one of the most difficult languages to learn, is to download focus on Chinese idioms. Using a free online Chinese-English idiom dictionary can be extremely helpful. Such dictionaries are a great way to learn some Chinese expressions and, if the Chinese-English idiom dictionary has sounds, appreciate how the different tones flow together. If the dictionary is available online then you can use it to help you translate difficult Chinese sentences easily, anytime and anywhere!

Download Chinese Character Flashcard apps

Another superb tool which will help you to more efficiently and effectively learn the Chinese language is Chinese flashcards – in particular, an interactive Chinese character Flashcard apps for your iPhone or iPod.The most useful Chinese flashcard apps are those equipped with 1) video files showing you how to write the different Chinese characters; 2) sound files demonstrating the correct pronunciation; and 3) spaced repetition algorithms designed to help you focus on the characters and multi-character compounds you find most difficult. It is widely recognized that flashcards are one of the best ways of learning Chinese and many Chinese language learners swear by these advanced apps.  The best part about the new Chinese Character Flashcards apps is that they remain with you on your handheld device wherever you are and make it possible to keep learning any time you get a spare moment.

Practice with HSK App

HSK is the compulsory test that non-native speakers of Chinese must pass to be officially recognized by China as proficient in Mandarin Chinese. Practicing for and passing this test has proven to be very challenging for most Westerners. The only way to succeed is to approach the task with determination and a suite of tools that allow you to spend your time most efficiently and effectively. One tool which will help you accelerate your preparation for the HSK Test is an intelligent HSK flashcard app. Such an app (for your iPhone or iPod or PC) can be invaluable, especially if it has videos that show you how to correctly write the characters and sounds files demonstrating the correct pronunciation.  Such an app is a blessing for all those who are about to appear for the formal examination. You can even use this app when you are waiting in queues and during lunch breaks.

So where can I download these apps from?

The next question which arises is: Where do I download these apps from? There are a number of online providers of Chinese Character flashcard software and Dictionary of Chinese-English idioms for you to download. One of site that provides apps with sound files, videos of stroke order animation and spaced repetition algorithms is Purple Panda Global. At Purple Panda, you will get the best Mandarin Chinese learning tools you can use to polish your skills in no time.

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